Valentine's Card

Ruth-Anne Ford

This little Valentine's Day card is a gift to yourself and the person who receives it. Taking the time to create this card was the best part of my day. Meditating on decisions like, 'should I do yellow or snake skin paper next?' is a sweet respite for my busy brain. The design is a simple creative process within a controlled format. I hope you enjoy creating this also! Show me if you do!
Supplies Needed:
Paper - I used a combination of construction paper, a Costco magazine and an old calendar. Be creative with what you use.
Glue stick
Scissors + Ruler - A paper cutter is great also!
valentines wedding cake Seattle construction paper
1. Create the base of your card. I wanted a smallish rectangle card, so this is about 3" x 4" folded.
2. Cut a your first rectangle. I used a paper cutter, but if you don't have one just use a ruler to create a straight line and make your cut. Adhere with glue.
valentines construction paper
3. Keep cutting glueing rectangles in progressively smaller sizes!
valentines day snake paper wedding cake Seattle birthday cake baker
valentines card construction paper
4. I finished my Valentine with a yellow base and a kooky heart. I love symmetry so cutting a kooky heart is out of my comfort zone - but I like it. Love is kooky and not perfect. 
valentines card heart

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