Syrian Dried Apricot Sheets (Amardeen)

Ruth-Anne Ford

Not traveling during this time is hard! I live for seeing new things and experiencing new cultures. To pacify this I have been wandering around my local international markets and bakeries to learn about different flavors a bit more than usual. Recently, I visited an eclectic local market that specializes in Asian, Latino and Russian food.

I saw this beautiful package and I was drawn to the description - Dried Apricot Sheets. We took them home and tried it out - the flavor was a very nice sweet tangy apricot. The olive oil grounds the tanginess of the apricot. It is a thick, slightly soft fruit leather. The color is lovely. My kids love snacking on it. 

apricot sheets

Researching this, I found a ton of uses - 

  • Snacking
  • Soak in water to create juice
  • Apricot sorbet
  • Addition to a cheese board
  • Heat with a little water to create a Apricot glaze
  • Apricot Curd
I will try to make an Apricot Curd tart in a pistachio crust - YUM!

Thank you to the wonderful website  - Taste of Beirut - where I learned a lot about this delicacy. Check it out:

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