Signature Cake Flavors

Below are some of my most requested flavor combinations. I am always happy to discuss custom flavors or perhaps a flavor from a beloved family dessert. Feel free to mix and match cake flavors and fillings.

Lemon Raspberry 

Golden chiffon cake 

White chocolate lemon buttercream 

Raspberry buttercream 

Fresh raspberry jam 

Vanilla Rhubarb

Vanilla buttermilk cake

Rhubarb buttercream

Vanilla cookie crumble Buttercream 

Almond Cherry 

Almond cake 

Chocolate whipped ganache 

Cherry buttercream   

Chocolate Espresso Orange 

Chocolate Espresso cake 

Milk chocolate orange ganache 

Espresso buttercream  

Lemon Cream Cheese

Lemon butter cake

Raspberry buttercream

Lemon cream cheese filling

Caramel Chocolate 

Devils Food Chocolate Cake 

Caramel buttercream with Salted Caramel Drizzle 

Milk chocolate ganache  

Chocolate Raspberry  

Devils food chocolate cake 

Semi-sweet raspberry ganache 

Raspberry buttercream 

Strawberry Pistachio 

Vanilla buttermilk cake 

Strawberry white chocolate buttercream 

Pistachio buttercream

Fresh strawberry jam 

Coconut Apricot

Coconut chiffon Cake

Apricot buttercream

Roasted white chocolate ganache

Mexican Chocolate 

Chocolate butter cake hinted with cinnamon 

Mexican chocolate ganache  

Mexican vanilla buttercream

Honey Lavender 

Honey lavender vanilla cake 

Honey cream cheese buttercream

Red Velvet 

Red velvet cake 

Vanilla cream cheese buttercream  


Classic carrot cake 

Cream cheese buttercream