Signature Cake Flavors

Below are some of my most requested flavor combinations. I am always happy to discuss custom flavors or perhaps a flavor from a beloved family dessert. Feel free to mix and match cake flavors and fillings. 
A note about ingredients and process: All of the jams are homemade and local. I preserve when fruit is available in Washington. I use minimal sugar in my jams to ensure a slight tartness and let the natural flavor shine. I use Swiss Meringue Buttercream as a filling and frosting which has pure unsalted butter and pure homemade bourbon vanilla. Ganache is made with heavy cream and chocolate. Every cake is made to order.
Vanilla | White Cakes: 
Lemon Raspberry: Golden chiffon cake, Lemon zest buttercream, Local raspberry buttercream, Local tart raspberry jam
Vanilla Strawberry: Vanilla buttermilk cake, Local strawberry buttercream, Almond praline buttercream, Fresh local strawberry jam
Almond Raspberry: Almond cake, Chocolate Amaretto Crunch Buttercream, Raspberry buttercream   
Aunt Betty's Cake: Lemon buttermilk cake, Local tayberry buttercream, Lemon cream cheese filling
Honey Lavender: Honey lavender vanilla cake, Honey cream cheese buttercream, Local rhubarb buttercream
Saffron Pistachio: Saffron Orange Blossom Milk Cake, Pistachio Buttercream, Orange zest Buttercream
Grandma Julia's Cake: Orange zest chiffon with a rum syrup, vanilla bean buttercream and semi-sweet chocolate ganache with toasted walnuts
Chocolate Cakes:
Caramel Chocolate: Chocolate cake, Caramel buttercream with salted caramel drizzle, Chocolate Buttercream
Chocolate Raspberry: Chocolate cake, Whipped semi-sweet chocolate ganache, Chocolate raspberry buttercream, Local raspberry buttercream 
Chocolate Espresso Orange: Chocolate cake with caramel espresso syrup, Whipped semi-sweet chocolate orange ganache, Espresso buttercream  
Mexican Chocolate  Chocolate cake hinted with cinnamon, Mexican chocolate ganache, Vanilla bean buttercream
Special Flavors:
Red Velvet: Red velvet cake, Vanilla cream cheese buttercream
Carrot: Classic carrot cake with walnuts, Cream cheese buttercream  
Spice Cake: Apple butter Buttercream, Caramel buttercream