Wilton Gingerbread House HACK

Ruth-Anne Ford

                                 Wilton Gingerbread House

I used this gingerbread house purchased at my local grocery store. I wanted my gingerbread house to have a more sophisticated look, here is what I did! Be creative in building your house and look for what you have in your house that may work.

In addition to what is in the kit, I used: pink food coloring, white fondant and saltines. Build the house on a decorative plate or wrap the cardboard it comes with in aluminum or even wrapping paper!  

1. Roof: I used saltines as the roof, but you have use any cracker - or even cereal. I used 2 rows of 3 saltines.

2. Using the Royal Icing/Icicles: The royal icing that comes with the kit actually works well. Just make sure to massage the icing in the bag a lot. I did not use the tip that came with the kit. Just use the icing bag. Here is a little clip of what I did for the icicles - hold under the roof for 1 second, holding pressure, start to pull down, holding the pressure, then stop using pressure.

3. Wreath: Using two cutters, make a wreath shape. Use scissors to snip the wreath to make leaves

making a fondant wreath
4. Berries on Wreath: Tint a little royal icing pink and thin with a tiny bit of water. Add slowly - drop by drop. Place in a sandwich bag, cut a tiny tip of a corner to make the berries. Allow to dry a bit before placing on house.
5. Greenery: I trimmed and shaped the gumdrops into the shape of triangle. Then stacked with royal icing. Place the green balls with a tiny bit of icing. 
6. Door: I mixed a little white with green fondant. If you don't have any fondant, just use the fondant that came in the kit! Add a drop of pink icing for the door knob and you are done!

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