Our cakes are covered in Swiss meringue buttercream or rolled fondant.  The buttercream is very smooth, containing only pure unsalted butter and pure Tahitian vanilla extract.  Fondant is edible sugar dough that is rolled and then applied atop a filled cake, resulting in a very smooth surface.  Fondant is a good choice for any outdoor event as it is much more resilient to temperature changes than buttercream.

We specialize in creating gum paste flowers that match the look and decor of your event.

--Gluten Free Available--

Signature Cakes

Stephanie: Golden chiffon cake with white chocolate lemon mousse and fresh raspberries

Lorraine: Almond cake with chocolate whipped ganache

Andrea: Buttermilk cake with white chocolate buttercream and fresh strawberries

Marie: Champagne chiffon with blood orange white chocolate mousse with hazelnut merigue crunch

Chela: Hot milk sponge cake with caramel buttercream with fresh strawberries

Mary: Chocolate cake with milk chocolate orange ganache and coffee buttercream

Eve: Devils Food Chocolate cake with Semi-Sweet Raspberry Ganache and Raspberry Buttercream hinted with Frambroise

June: Bourbon chocolate cake with whipped chocolate ganache and fresh raspberry puree (alcohol is baked out)

Mackenzie: Coconut cake washed with coconut milk and white chocolate passion fruit mousse

Phaedra: Chocolate butter cake hinted with cinnamon Mexican chocolate ganache

Diana: Red velvet cake with vanilla cream cheese buttercream

Catalina: Lime zest pound cake with coconut cream cheese buttercream

Susan: Classic carrot cake with vanilla cream cheese buttercream

Julia: Rum cake with chocolate ganache with walnuts (alcohol is baked off)

Betty: Washington apple spice cake with salted caramel buttercream

Tina: Green tea pound cake with green tea cream cheese filling and fresh blueberries

Nancy: Pink champagne cake with raspberry buttercream and white chocolate buttercream

Indigo: Poppy seed butter cake with orange-vanilla crème mousse and raspberry puree

Autumnal Cakes

Carly: Golden chiffon with crème brûlée filling and spiced poached pears

Anne: Pumpkin cake with brown sugar cream cheese filling

Gluten Free:

Red Velvet Cake

Chocolate Almond Cake